Wedding Parties

Let Cruise Minibuses take the hassle out your wedding transport requirements. Whether it be transporting your guests and family to the venue on to the big day or travelling as a group to the service or reception to celebrate the occasion we guarantee to get everybody to the church on time!

Top Tips for Wedding Transport

Below are some tips to remember when organising wedding transport to ensure your big day runs smoothly.

  1. Book early to avoid any last minute booking hitches and remember that Saturdays during the summer period are Cruise Minibuses busiest times.
  2. Allow extra time for guests to board the minibus comfortably in order that suits and dresses are kept in-tact and bags and button holes are not forgotten.
  3. Travelling by minibus can take approximately 20% longer than travelling by car so make sure you plan your journey allowing enough time to reach your destination.
  4. Always consider your pick up and drop off points when organising travel allowing our driver to reach your destination in good time.
  5.  Appoint somebody other than the Bride & Groom to liase with us regarding travel on the day. There will be many other factors occupying the main couple’s minds without having the worry of how and when their guests will arrive.
  6. Book your transport for the duration of the day as this will reduce the risk of unforeseen circumstances such as accidents and traffic build up on route to collect the guests.
  7. Agree a time that guests are happy to travel home after the occasion and consider booking extra transport to accommodate guests that wish to travel back at different times. It is the passenger’s responsibility to board the minibus in good time ready for the return trip and in order not to keep other passengers waiting.
  8. Assign somebody to oversee the return journey making sure they have a bin bag to clear all rubbish and for any other accidents that may happen. Remember a deposit is taken at the time of the booking and after an expensive day nobody wants to lose their deposit to cover cleaning or damage costs for the minibus.

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your transport requirements.